About Us

Familiarity and close friendship between a man and a stone began years ago. It was a long way from fairy stones and wood choppers to a wonderful Venus de Milo. From primeval, life-taking things to fascinating masterpieces reflecting the life’s most wonderful moments.

What is your story of friendship with a stone? We can set it up together. Our passion and creativity put stones into new shapes and highlight their advantages. At that, specific methods of stone working let us come up with unique and inimitable compositions for the original and elegant interior decoration.

UNS designs, manufactures and installs articles of decorative and natural stone. The company integrates stones into the environment and your living space.

The stone exhibits at its best. The stone shows its mettle.

“Pearls” of UNS:

  • The largest in Europe Japanese garden;
  • The Japanese garden in the Crimea;
  • The English landscape park;
  • The original driving range.

The stone with an attitude. The stone is always magnificent.

7a, Lavrskaya Str., office 19, Kiev, Ukraine
Tel: +38-044-221-77-20, +38-067-766-45-34,